When I was 12 years old, my parents allowed me to trade in my single bed for the larger queen sized version. After it was delivered, I buoyantly jumped around on it for an HOUR. I’ve been searching for a mattress to capture that feeling of playful luxury since then.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out an Endy mattress and I was transported back to my childhood in the absolute best way possible.

YOU GUYS, I am convinced this mattress is part cloud. My younger self would have spent hours jumping on this amazing mattress; I will not confirm nor deny if my current self has jumped on it. 😉

I love how Endy mattresses come in a box. They made it so EASY for Gary and I to put together. That gave us more time for pillow fights! Uh, I mean……. reading and answering emails? We both like to goof around a lot and Endy is definitely contributing to our antics. 😉 ALSO, Endy mattresses are CANADIAN MADE. Yay! I always love supporting wonderful Canadian brands.

I’ve also had the opportunity to try out a Casper mattress and it gives off such a spa like vibe. Can you say ZEN?! Casper mattresses are firm and refined, while Endy mattresses are softer and more moveable. Another thing I love about Endy mattresses is their proprietary foam base. Proprietary foam is unique because it effectively relieves pressure points and back pain. I love when my mattress doubles as a massage therapist. 😉

If you love to get cozy with your loved one (and who doesn’t?!) Endy will keep you cool and comfortable in bed – even when things get HOT. 😉 The top layer of Endy mattresses have a cooling gel that distributes temperature evenly – this means you stay calm, cool, and collected ALL night long. Another thing I love about Endy mattresses is their zero motion transfer. Zero motion transfer allows you to move around to your heart’s content – without your partner noticing! You’re welcome Gary! 😉

At the end(y) of the day, it all comes down to what your own personal preference is. Am I the only one here laughing at my Endy pun? 😉 Some of us prefer a firmer and supported sleep, while others enjoy a more cushioned experience. However, if you’re looking to FLOAT your way to sleep – literally – Endy will make your dreams come true!


For all of my readers, Endy has created a discount code LANGSTON50 for $50 off any size Endy Mattress at that we want YOU to take advantage of.

Have any of you guys experienced the playful luxury of Endy mattresses? Leave me a comment with your thoughts below.

Sweet Dreams!

N, xx

Thank you to Endy for sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own.

Photography by Brooklyn D Photography

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