Let’s talk SUPERFOODS! One of my current health obsessions is tumeric. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, increases your body’s antioxidant capacity and can actually LOWER the risk of brain disease. Wow! This is amazing, right? However, I’m sure you’re all wondering, “how can I incorporate this into my diet?” I’m about to let you in on a few fun ways.

I’ve been taking turmeric supplements and I’ve definitely noticed a positive change in my body. Another way that I like to incorporate turmeric into my diet is by mixing it into warm coconut milk or water. These are amazing at-home methods to ingest this nutritional powerhouse. In saying that, there’s an even TASTIER way to enjoy all of the benefits that turmeric has to offer and maybe a convenient option when you’re on the run.

Blenz has recently released a new TURMERIC LATTE. Yes, you did read that right! Their baristas are doing all of the work for us! Their new Turmeric Latte features a sweet and spicy taste that will leave you wanting more. I love that Blenz offers the option of almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk. It’s always a plus to have vegan and dairy-free options.

It’s amazing that coffee retail chains (such as Blenz) are incorporating healthy options that will truly improve your day. When you make a health-conscious option, your body will thank you. I find that I sleep better, my mind is clear, and I’m actually HAPPIER. I can’t wait to try this Turmeric Latte iced as well, this might just be my go-to summer drink!! I can’t help but smile when my latte is this tasty! 😉

Alright everyone, go forth and say hi to my new best friend ( The Blenz Turmeric Latte ) for me! Luckily for you guys, Blenz is giving away a 50$ gift card so you can properly indulge in their latte. 😉 To enter, comment below or send me an email telling me what YOUR favourite superfood is. I can’t wait to read your picks!

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Thank you to Blenz for sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own.

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