My 10 Second Meditation Hack

Who here needs a reminder to breathe? I know I do. Although technology is a blessing, our world now moves at a pace that our bodies simply haven’t adjusted to. We disregard our biological clocks constantly because we are just so BUSY. Moving at this pace causes our systems to enter a fight or flight state. Essentially, our bodies run in panic mode 24/7. As someone who is certainly guilty of succumbing to the pressures of everyday life, I love anything that helps to ground me.

I recently found out about a necklace by Komusō designs; it’s titled The Shift™. 

The Shift™ is cylindrically shaped, with a hollow interior. It comes in several tones that range from matte slate, sterling silver, rose gold and 14k gold. I always gravitate towards a gold or silver tone, they’re so classic and compliment every outfit! It’s incredibly reassuring to look down during a busy day at work and notice my Komusō necklace; it gives me a little reminder to breathe deeply throughout an intense day!

My morning routine always involves drinking a glass of water and taking time to breathe; as of late, it’s become far too easy to let my mind wander. This is where my The Shift™ necklace comes in! I begin by inhaling deeply and then I exhale through The Shift™ for 10 seconds. Through repeating this practice several times, I feel instantly grounded.

Komusō designs titled this necklace perfectly – I can actually feel my mood SHIFT once I’ve completed my breathing routine. The benefits of meditation include: a sense of calmness, improved concentration, and overall happiness. You are better equipped to handle the stressors of the day when you begin with a calm frame of mind. Finding your inner centre is SO important.

Have any of you tried The Shift™ necklace? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you’re interested in getting zen with me, use my discount code NatalieZen to get a percentage off of your The Shift™ today!



Thank you to Komusō for sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own.

Photography by Brooklyn D Photography

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