Almost everyone has a special man in their life that they wish to celebrate, whether it’s their father, grandfather, spouse, uncle or even a parental figure! This year, June 17th marks Father’s Day. I’m sure you’re all wondering, what on earth should I buy to celebrate good ole dad?! You can stop over-thinking it right now. I’m here to help you guys find unique and QUALITY gifts that put a smile on everyone’s face!

I’ve selected the newest, hottest, and thoughtful items that EVERY Dad will love.

What to Give the Man that Gives You Everything:

  • This stylish and SLEEK Leather Keychain will surely add a distinguished touch to your Father’s style!

Activities to do with Dad:

  1. Goon a Father’s Day Hike! Making your way up the Grouse Grind or your own local hiking trail will let you spend quality time with your dad while enjoying some fresh air!
  2. Take your Papa out for an Amazing Dinner! Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar is a popular and decadent spot to bring your Dad to. For classic and modern fare, you could bring your dad to the new Earls Ambleside Beach or The Keg Steakhouse and Bar.
  3. Have a Cocktail with Dad! Treat your Dad to a quality beverage that you two can enjoy together. Here’s my favourite BACARDÍ recipe that you can recreate for YOUR dad.


Ocho Old Fashioned

  • 2 parts BACARDÍ Ocho
    • 0.25 parts simple syrup
    • 2 dashes Angostura® bitters

Add all of the ingredients into a rocks glass, fill it with ice, and then stir until it is well mixed and very cold. Garnish with an orange peel.

No matter what your Father’s Day entails, you’ll be able to feel confident with your gift choice! How do you lovelies spend Father’s Day? I’d love to hear YOUR plans in the comments below. Have an amazing family-oriented Sunday everyone!

Xx, n

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